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Topar Machine Shop

Topar machine shop, has completed a wide range of jobs. Our shop has CNC capabilities, and we produce accessories for motorcycles and off-road vehicles. Our milling center has a three-axis machine that may not be as advanced as newer models, but it does the job. We also have a CNC turning center that produces various parts, shafts, and unique turnings. When we're creating multiple repeating parts in a production run, the turning center is particularly effective. It also supports the milling center in creating metal adapters for plastic parts.


We have two engine lathes in the facility. The smaller one sees the most use and can make just about anything. The larger lathe is for bigger jobs. We've turned flywheels, brake drums and rotors, drive shafts, and other parts that have been damaged or worn during use.


No machine shop is complete without a Knee Mill. Our mid-sized Bridgeport clone can make just about anything that requires this type of operation. We've designed and made some really intricate parts using these machines, such as gearbox shafts with precise bearing fit and seal surfaces for many different machines. Most of them are made with the manual lathes, though some are on the CNC turning center.


We also make wheel spindles when they're no longer available or have too long a lead time. We carry a stock of certain spindles for new axles and replacements, but some have other uses, such as farm equipment and many trailers.


Our 100-ton hydraulic press is used to assemble press-fit parts and disassemble things such as steering knuckles for bearing replacement. It's also useful for straightening things that were bent either through normal use or an accident. We have a fine touch and do well with this.


We make a range of hydraulic hoses for new and existing equipment. We stock a large array of hose ends and adapters, and hydraulic hose from " to 1" and can go larger if needed.


We also support a lot of railroad equipment repairs, including some that were not done before I arrived. We repair and rebuild hydraulic rams and cylinders. We can find OEM kits if available or make the kits as needed to get them back into operation. We primarily support the farming and ranching community, but we also support the oil and gas industry with repairs and new parts.

About Our Machinist


I have extensive experience in industrial maintenance and repairs, as well as the food and baking industries. I can fix a wide range of equipment, from generators and small engines to welding machines and small appliances. I'm also skilled in precision work such as brazing, soldering, welding, and gemstone mounts. In addition, I have certifications in computer networking and programming. As an artist and musician, I've published music and created 3-D relief carvings and laser engravings.

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